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Ultra High Stiletto Heels

We have a fantastic selection of High Heel Stilettos

Ultra high stiletto heels are for the avant garde of the stiletto heel wearers. These shoes come in two basic types of shoes - vertical heels and lifts. Ultra means heels which have a lift of at least eight inches or higher. Manufacturers accomplish this in two ways, both of which greatly affect the feel of a shoe and how easy it is to walk in. Regardless of the specific form, the stiletto heel is a welcome part of nearly any woman's wardrobe. These heels obviously add height, but they also give the optical illusion of making a woman's legs look longer and leaner. However, there's no illusion when it comes to firming the legs and butt, making them look sexier and fuller.

Of the two types, vertical heels are the most classic and difficult to walk in. These heels are entirely heel, leaving the toe mostly flat on the ground. The shoes force the wearer to stand almost on their tiptoes, which gives the sexy firm look. However, this can be very uncomfortable to walk in or wear for long periods, so many women opt for the second type. The lift type has an extra long heel, but also has a lifted front toe, which places the foot completely or mostly flat. This provides more height without the associated pain of the other style.

Whichever one you prefer, these shoes, though limited compared to shorter heels, still come in nearly every color with a large amount of designer differences. Any woman can find the style that meets her likes and easily incorporate it into her wardrobe. Or better yet, create a whole new style to have fun with when wearing these shoes.

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