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Tall Stiletto Heels

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Tall stiletto heels can give almost any woman a look that is completely different from the norm of everyday wear. More than just increasing your height like any heel would, these products create a longer look and shift the look of your body to give you a fuller rump and a more stretched out body. Even the sound of the heel as it clicks across the ground signals style, authority, and power in a classic manner that gets both men and women's attention as you walk by.

Especially tall models of these shoes, give an even more impressive look. However, many of these designs are not made for everyday wear. Instead, they are intended for special occasions that allow a person to dress a bit more ostentatiously than normal. This can be a night out on the town, an exciting party, or even for a private audience of one in an intimate setting. These shoes give an intense appearance that even more so elongates the leg, but draws greater attention to the look of the shoes themselves. In this way, the shoe is often designed with greater flare to take advantage of this extra attention to show off a bit of style that might have otherwise been missed.

These types of shoes can be found with heels that are often eight inches or higher. These usually include a raised toe as well to provide the extra inches and the raised toe also ensures that you're foot isn't completely vertical to attain the extra height. Needless to say, these shoes can be a bit difficult to walk in. It pays to do a little practice before you really head out with these shoes to prevent any accidents.

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