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Stiletto Thong

We have a fantastic selection of High Heel Stilettos

Stiletto thong straps have become an exciting design feature for many heels and loads of people are jumping on getting these extremely stylish straps when they are out purchasing high heels. Stilettos are already a great decision for any woman looking to complete the look of her wardrobe. These shoes have become a standard in many environments and are just as at home in a club as in an office. The strap for these products may be better confined to less professional settings, but designs can still be found that work well for all manner of social events.

These products work just like any thong sandal would. A thin strap runs down the center of your foot, sometimes splitting into two, but connects as one as it runs between your big toe and the rest of your toes. This is the lightest possible strap available and creates a great sense of freedom when wearing your shoes. It feels like you're practically nothing at all. However, the strap is still effective it keeping your shoes securely in place and allow you to direct your shoes without any difficulty.

These products are great for nights out. They are very sexy and allow you to show off the skin of your feet in a very direct way. Because heels usually angle your feet in the first place, these particular models will show your whole foot off wherever you are. Still, you can find more conservative models, usually in a shorter heel to give these sometimes racy designs a more traditional flavor.

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