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Stiletto Sneakers

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For any woman who loves the feeling of having a stiletto heel, but also wants the casual look of a sneaker, stiletto sneakers are the perfect combination for having a little fun with footwear while keeping a sexy look. Stilettos are an incredibly popular style of heel that makes the legs look longer and firm the butt and legs as you walk. These shoes have become the classic sexy look for decades and many women have at least one pair in their wardrobe for special occasions and even for everyday wear.

The simple black stiletto is the classic look, popularized in the 50s, and many women have become bored with its simple appearance. Integrating them with other models like sneakers has been part of the more recent revolution in styles for stilettos. This shift has greatly expanded the color and variety of shoes that the heel has been seen on, and almost any style of fashion can be paired with a stiletto shoe.

The sneaker variety looks much like a sneaker in appearance, but is more often constructed like a boot using cloth material. A simple lace runs up the length of the shoe and the color schemes match classic shoes like Converse. These shoes fit with more casual wear like jeans and are also a material that women are more familiar with matching with their outfits. Additionally, the feel of walking in them is more comfortable for many women, however they still take a little bit of practice to walk in correctly without any trouble.

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