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Stiletto Pointed Pumps

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Stiletto pointed pumps are a classic fashion accessory that goes right up there with the little black dress that nearly every woman should have in their wardrobe. These shoes have been popular for decades and can be worn in nearly any setting like a night on the town, a nice dinner, or even a high-end business meeting. The reason is that these shoes are simple and elegant in appearance while adding a great amount of sex appeal and presence. The simple stiletto style heel adds actual height and gives the illusion that the legs are longer.

This is wonderful for all women, especially shorter gals, and not only is height a benefit, but the shape of the shoes adds more firming power to your lower body, making it looking leaner and hotter.

Pumps are a great choice when it comes to stilettos because they easily slip on and off, while firmly holding your foot in place at the same time. Other stilettos mainly use straps and other buckles that can dig into the skin or wear down over time. Pumps do not have this trouble and they still allow a woman to show off a bit of skin just like with strap shoes.

The pointed style of these shoes creates a more angular appearance to the body, which is eye catching and very appealing looking. It prevents the foot from looking boxy, a look that should almost always be avoided. These three combined features make this type of shoe a must for any woman, hoping to make a great impression.

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