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Stiletto Platform

We have a fantastic selection of Platform Shoes

A stiletto platform heel is a type of shoe that is becoming much more common in women's wardrobe. With the popularity of the basic stiletto, these products add even more height to an already tall heel that will simply blow all other heels away. With the additional lift from the front of the foot, these products also allow greater height with more comfort. Instead of angling your foot down, these products prop it up to give you a more casual feel to your step even though you are probably going to be standing many inches above your normal sneaker.

These products come in many varieties and along the full spectrum of heights that people enjoy. You can find boots as well as thong style straps and then everything in between to get the style right that fits your outfit and your particular preference. Just like all stilettos these products will increase the appearance of length in your leg and give a better toned look to your legs and butt.

These products are definitely made to excite and entice, commonly associated with erotic dancers, so they are a great place to let loose with your style and have a little fun with your clothing. They can be a little bit of extra color and fun to an already sexy outfit, or they can take a simple outfit and make your appearance way more exciting even though it may just be your simple little black dress that you're wearing. So play around to get a feel for what you look good in.

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