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Stiletto Heeled Boots

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Stiletto heeled boots have grown greatly in popularity and have become a standard for many women's business attire as well as their after work dress. Whatever the circumstance, these types of shoes will do a couple things very well. Naturally, they'll add a lot of height to your stature. This can be for fun or for shorter women, to roll with the tall ladies without standing out. This extra height increases the length of the leg, which is always sexy and looks good. It also increases the variety of outfits you can wear with. Not only is the height fun and good-looking, for a business setting it can set you on par with many of your taller co-workers. Extra height gets noticed and commands a greater presence, so these products can be a practical tool to getting ahead.

With boots as opposed to single or double strap shoes, you're getting a much surer step than you would otherwise. These products wrap around your leg just like any other boot and provide extra heel and ankle support by connecting with your lower leg. This can make this tiny heels a bit easier to get around and is a good starter heel for women who haven't worn heels quite as much.

The boot look also matches with many outfits and is much more subtle than what many people associate with when they hear the word stiletto. For this reason, they can be worn in a greater variety of settings, but still look sexy enough for heading out on the town or trying to look go for that special someone.

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