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Sneaker Stiletto Boots

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Sneaker stiletto boots are a new style for the family of stiletto shoes. First, the fancy stiletto heel was put on boots and sneakers, and now they have been combined to create a hybrid model that adds sexual appeal, comfort, and a little bit of goofy fun to the casual woman. While not specifically any style of shoe, this model of shoe is more similar to a boot than anything, but with the comfortable and tight feeling that a sneaker provides.

Their laces, similar to a standard sneaker, easily identify sneaker models. The laces are made of cotton and of a variety of different colors. Mainly though, these models match standard sneakers like Converse with a simple two-tone style that imitates the rubber and cotton layers. The laces run the length of the boot and allow the wearer to tightly tie their boots, which is very important for heels that are easy to slip in. Laces will give you more confidence as you walk, unlike many other standard stiletto shoes.

Boots of this variety are mainly for having fun in rather than giving a professional look. And that's totally fine, because every woman needs a style of shoe that will give her chance to let loose and still be fashionable at the same time. Not only are these boots hip, but they will also give any woman the length and curvy appearance that stilettos are known for as they elongate the leg, add height and shape the butt and chest. All of this is a perfect reason to have a pair of these lying around for a night out.

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