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Sexy Stilettos

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Sexy stilettos could be considered nearly any stiletto shoe. After all, these shoes have become a sexual icon for decades and nearly every type of fashion show or sexy model features some form of these heels. The reasons are simple - stilettos do great stuff to a woman's body just by simply slipping on a shoe. They give a woman actual height and make her legs look longer while firming the butt and legs and pushing out the chest. There's also that walk that a woman has when she wears these shoes that screams sex appeal and power.

For this reason, any stiletto is going to give a woman a sexy look. However, there are some shoes that much more to a woman's sex appeal than just any type of stiletto.

There are basically two different roads to take. The classic pump shoe is often what women go for. These shoes are sexual icons in themselves, made popular for decades thanks to the imagery in movies and elsewhere. Pumps are easy to wear and can also be applied to more formal settings as well. Matched with leggings and a tight skirt, these shoes will help you pull off that vintage look.

On the other hand, there are many shoes made specifically for looking sexy and only that. Shoes of this variety are often especially tall and have thin straps to show as much of the foot as possible. These are not often made for walking around in every day so only pull them out on the right occasions when you need to look your hottest.

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