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Metal Stiletto Heel

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A metal stiletto heel is considered by some to be the ultimate style of heel for any high stiletto shoe. This addition adds extra presence to any design and gives a great 'click' in sound that many have come to associate with this extremely popular and versatile shoe. The metal is not only a powerful force in terms of sound and look, but is also much more practical for a shoe with such a thin and long heel, which can easily break if not properly cared for or used.

These products can fit almost any circumstance, whether it's for business or for pleasure. With these types of shoes, you clearly add inches to your height, which can be great for business setting where many women are shorter compared to their male colleagues. This can add greater authority to their statements and improve a greater sense of equality amongst co-workers. Additionally, these products still look classy and fit with most business attire in order to enhance your look without completely dominating your style.

Of course, they can also be used for pleasure as well. Many women enjoy the sharp look of a metal heel and the extra inches, which definitely increases sex appeal. These shoes are often somewhat rare to be used, so many enjoy the occasion where they can be brought out to increase the fun. This can be for a night out or a night in with a loved one. Whatever the circumstance, these types of shoes are sure to be noticed right away.

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