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Lola Stiletto Shoes

We have a fantastic selection of High Heel Stilettos

Lola stiletto shoes are a classic style of stiletto that can be found being made by some of the biggest labels around. Lola doesn't designate anything specific in terms of design, as many manufacturers like to tie the word to their product for advertising purposes. However, these shoes are essentially a basic pump style shoe that runs the mill from loud and brightly color to more subtle design features and color schemes.

Regardless of the actual form, these shoes all have the powerful heel that makes these shoes a classic in terms of style and a constant presence in almost any woman's wardrobe. These shoes have been popular for decades and they can now be worn in almost any circumstance, whether for a board meeting or for a sexy night for two. These shoes can also be paired with nearly any type of clothing as well. They look just as good with a skirt as they do with jeans.

The specialized heel found in all stilettos is slim. This design feature makes the shoes light and easy to wear (with a little bit of walking practice thrown in). Additionally, the heel gets rid of the bulky heels that catch the eye normally and allow people to look at the woman who is wearing it instead.

The heel is also great because it lengths the look of a woman and gives her a few inches or more of added height on top of what she already has. Add to this the extra firming power in the legs and pushing out the chest, and you've got yourself a shoe that just oozes sex appeal.

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